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Getting kids at a time!

Youth Fishing Seasons, Fishing Education, and Youth Fishing Tournaments

AGES 5-12

Do you have kids that love to fish?

Sign them up to fish in an American Angler League fishing season! 

Our goal is to provide "fishing" as one of the many options of activities that they can participate in with their friends year after year.  We help communities set up and run youth fishing leagues by providing structure and a competitive catch and release scoring model that can be applied on any body of water in the US.

2019 Youth Fishing Season Registration is open! 

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Team and individual formats, age divisions, point based scoring, multi-species

1. Block off Tuesdays in July and August 4:30-7:30PM (or another 3hr time block on any day of the week!)

2. Find a group of friends to form a Fishing Team *See below

3. Go Fishing!  Catches between 4:30 -7:30PM (or 3HRS) count for points!**

4. Keep track of what you catch and turn in a fishing score!  You get points for just fishing and for what you catch!  

5. Track your fishing stats all season at!

6. Look for your pictures in our newsletter and online.

7. Watch your email for special guest speakers and other AAL Fishing events.

8. Check your local area for an end of the year tournament and awards presentation!


*Teams = groups of friends.  Parents/coaches are responsible for communicating and choosing who will be on a team. Teams may be as many kids as you feel comfortable taking fishing.  

Also, each kid on a team does not have to fish on each night to be part of the team.  Team scores will be determined by dividing the total fishing points each night by the number of kids who actually fished.  For example, if a fishing team of 10 only had 5 kids show up one week.  Their team score would be their points/5.  


**Fishing times have been scheduled for Tuesday nights.  If Tuesday does not work for your lake or a group of friends, you may choose to fish on another day.  Just remember to only keep points for  3 hours of fishing. If you can't make it the whole 3 hours, that is ok!  Just keep fish when it works for you and your team! You may fish from docks, shore, kayaks, canoes, etc as well!