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American Angler Leagues - Minnetonka


Youth Fishing Season

Ages 5-12


Fish for the Cup!

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    Regular Season

    July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12

    Tuesday Evenings


    Start fishing anytime after 4PM anywhere on Lake Minnetonka. At 7:30, meet and turn in scores. (A meeting location will be determined)  Certificates will be presented to those who meet and turn in scores for most points and big fish for the night.  If for some reason you can make it back, you can still turn in a fishing score for season point totals.  


    Experienced Angler/Boaters League (you need to provide your own boat or find someone who does to fish with for this season)


    Here's how it works:

    1.  If you have kids, a boat, and already fish then all you have to do is recruit some of your kids friends and assemble a team! (maximum number of anglers on a team is 10).  All kids on a team do not all have to fish on the same night. Teams may consist of coach/coaches (parent/relative/etc.) + child + child’s friend = team).  Both individual and team points will be tracked for the season. 

    2.   Pick your team name and fill out the form below.  Parents must sign and turn in a waiver prior to participating. 

    Click or cut and paste the web address below to print and mail the waiver:

    As a coach you will be responsible for communicating with your child’s friend(s), parents, etc. to coordinate fishing, pick up, and cover any liability issues.  This is a “participate” at your own risk fishing league this season.

    If you need assistance with spots, techniques, or anything else we will help you as much as we can.  

    July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12

    Tuesday Evenings 

    Start fishing anytime after 4PM anywhere on Lake Minnetonka.
    At 7:30, a meeting place/s will be determined to turn in scores! Certificates will be presented to those who meet and turn in scores for big fish and high point total. This has been a highlight for the kids! If for some reason you can make it back, you can still turn in a fishing score to keep track for the season.  

    Cost:  $20.00 per angler, maximum $40.00 per family, AAL Membership.  

    AAL Membership includes recognition, awards, invitations to AAL Minnesota Local, Regional, and State Tournaments, AAL newsletter, and access to a team webpage.  

    2014 Lake Minnetonka Youth Fishing Season Registration

    Experienced anglers/boaters Fishing Season Registration Form Non-boaters use the Pontoon registration form link under the Bay to Bay logo. All parents of anglers who participate must sign a waiver. You can download and mail the form using the link below.

    No Boat and/or Fishing Experience?

    No Problem!

    Pontoon Fishing Sign Up Form

    Click here to sign up for a spot for fishing on Lake Minnetonka from a pontoon. Ages 5-12, parents encouraged to fish with their kids.

    Getting them hooked...one at time!

    The Lake Minnetonka American Angler League offers young anglers and their families opportunities to fish, have fun, and compete in a structured format similar to other youth sports.  Fishing is a sport and you can participate with your kids!  

    Do you have some fishing experience and a kid who likes to fish?

    Sign up as a coach, recruit some of your kids friends, and put a team together!  

    Do your kids have an interest in fishing, but your not sure what to do?

    Contact us or someone you know who has some fishing experience.  Encourage them to be a coach and put your kids on their team! 

    We are keeping a list of interested families and will do our best to connect them to fishing coaches.

    Not sure if your kids like to fish?  

    This is a perfect opportunity to see if they like it and a good chance to fish more than just once a summer!  Our model is similar to other youth sports and will introduce your kids to fishing in a fun environment with other kids.