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2107 Youth Fishing Season



2017 AAL Youth

Fishing Season


Fish. Catch.

Keep Score!

Ages 5-12


Any Lake, River, or Pond that holds fish!



1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for each age division for individual high scores in the United States.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for each age division for individual high scores in each State.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for each team* in the United States.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for each team* in each state.


*Teams must consist of at least 2 anglers and no maximum # of anglers to form a team.  Coaches and parents decide on who makes up a fishing team.  Teams may have anglers between the ages of 5-12 fishing together on the same teams.  Individual awards will be age division based.  Team awards will include all age groups. Teams may consist of kids between the ages of 5-12.


5-6 Year Olds (Minnow Division)

7-8 Years (Sunfish Division)

9-10 Year Olds (Bass Division)

11-12 Year Olds (Northern Pike/Muskie)

LOCAL AWARDS - These are determined by local volunteers who have 1 or more teams participating in a season.  A list of lakes and volunteers will be posted when available.

Season Format:

1.  Parents, coaches, and kids set their own fishing schedule.  League fish points start counting anytime starting after July 1, 2017.  You will be able to post one fishing score a day through August 26, 2017. (Similar to posting a golf score for a handicap)

2. Fish from shore, a boat, a canoe, a kayak, or a dock. 

3. Kids will earn points for going fishing and for catching fish.

4. Fishing scores and stats will be tracked all season long.

5. All anglers must follow all federal and state fishing regulations.

6.  Anglers may fish with friends and form teams or fish as individuals, some communities will have set schedules for teams.  

Scoring and Earning Points:

1.  Anglers will earn 10 points each day they fish during the season.

2.  Anglers will earn 1 point per inch of each fish they catch. Anglers total score will consist of the top three fish caught for each species. More information on how to keep score and how to post scores will be shared after anglers are registered.  

3.  Parents and coaches will be responsible for verifying catches and entering scores online.

Registration and Eligibility

1.  Open to any kids between the ages of 5-12 years old.

2.  Only fish caught by legal hook and line angling methods are eligible for points in this league.

3.  A parent or guardian must register each angler. Parents are responsible for taking their own kids fishing or finding a trusted adult, friend, or relative to take their kid/s fishing.  An adult over the age of 18 must be present when kids are fishing for points during this season.  

4.  Registration Fees are $40.00 per angler or $100 for a family with 3 or more anglers.

5.  Anglers will receive an AAL Welcome Kit with more information about the season, a fishing hat, and a fishing ruler to measure their catch!

6. During the season, anglers will receive a weekly E-newsletter with updated standings, fishing stats, photos, and fishing tips.

7.  Some areas in Minnesota, like Lake Minnetonka and Lake Minnewaska, will have set fishing nights and times for teams to fish for local awards and recognition. If you have a group of more than 2 teams on a lake let us know so we can post information for your season.  

8.  Please click the registration link below and use the Paypal link to submit your payment.